The Future of Education Podcast is co-hosted by Ashley Bishop, Riley Campbell, and Daniel Better.

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Episode 1: Data Privacy

Wondering what it means when universities talk about contact tracing for covid-19? Concerned about how this changes how and where universities use your data? In this first episode we talk to Georgia Tech sophomore Melanie about what data privacy and contact tracing mean to students as college campuses reopen this fall.

Episode 2: Voting

Get out & vote! In this episode we discuss the importance of exercising your right to vote during the 2020 Election and beyond. 

Episode 3: The Future of Edu

What exactly is the Future of Education and our mission? Listen to find out more!

Episode 4: Covid-19 Vaccines

Covid-19 vaccines have become the source of controversy for many. In this episode we start to break that down.

Episode 5: Covid Semester in Review

Navigating through college is hard enough, then add in a worldwide pandemic. In this episode we discuss our thoughts and experiences on a full semester of classes in the middle of the pandemic. What college policies worked for us and what didn't? How are we feeling? What are we expecting for the future?

Coming April 2021...


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The Future of Education is a student-led initiative focused on guiding conversations and empowering the connection between students and administrators through a weekly podcast series, student blogs, and data collection.

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