What is the Future of Education?

The future of education lies in the hands of administration but by amplifying the student perspective we can help guide what that future looks like to optimize the benefits of their education. The future of edu podcast aims to inform both students and administrators by guiding conversations and empowering the connection between the two groups.

Is the podcast focused on specific universities?

No, the podcast aims to provide relevant information to all universities across the U.S.. If you would like to see your university represented via a student or administrative guest please contact us.


Can I suggest topics for the hosts to discuss?

Yes, we want to talk about information the audience is interested in listening to, if you would like to make a suggestion please contact us.

Why is it important for students to listen and participate?

As a part of our goal to encourage conversations between students and administrators it is important that many perspectives are heard. By listening and participating, you can communicate with administrators in a productive manner and help the school provide adequate resources with your perspective in mind.

How is university administration involved?

We strive to include administrative guests with each topic we discuss, whether that is staff or faculty across all departments within a university.

Where and when is the podcast posted?

The podcast will be posted here on the website and a new episode will be released weekly.


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The Future of Education is a student-led initiative focused on guiding conversations and empowering the connection between students and administrators through a weekly podcast series, student blogs, and data collection.

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