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As technology becomes rapidly integrated into our daily lives it is making its way into higher education. Whether this is through data analysis software that helps administrators understand their students’ academic behaviors or the transition to online education that makes it possible for students to study from anywhere, technology connects us.


The demographic composition of colleges and universities are slowly changing. While there are still careers and faculty departments dominated by white men, minorities are increasing their presence in the professional landscape. We envision a future where any student can look at their professors, peers, and leaders in their career paths and see themselves represented. Awareness of the importance of representation is emerging and becoming an integral factor in faculty hiring, college admissions, and recruiting.


We hope for a future that is affordable and accessible to everyone. With the willingness for many colleges and universities to award financial aid packages on the basis of financial need, it allows for a more equitable opportunity to attend college. We imagine a future where financial aid can take a step further regarding policies on outside scholarships and help to eliminate financial barriers.

Our Mission

We are a student-led initiative focused on guiding conversations and empowering the connection between students and administrators. 

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An educational podcast hosted by Ashley Bishop, Riley Campbell, and Daniel Better, available on Spotify or Apple Music. Check out our podcast page for more!

A group of college students sharing their voices and knowledge on study tips, pandemic information, and more. Check out our blog page for more!

A quantitative effort at analyzing and demonstrating the college experience through a series of national surveys. Check out our data page for more!

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The Future of Education is a student-led initiative focused on guiding conversations and empowering the connection between students and administrators through a weekly podcast series, student blogs, and data collection.

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