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The Different Types of Advisors and What They Can Assist You With

In college, you have access to lots of guidance and assistance. This guidance and assistance can come in the form of advisors. Different types of advisors can help you with different things. There are academic advisors, peer advisors, pre-professional advisors, and major advisors.

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors are there to help assist you with things pertaining to academics and college life. Usually, you are assigned an academic advisor but you may also be able to meet with other academic advisors. It is more beneficial to develop a relationship with one advisor so that they can better know and help your needs. Academic advisors have a lot of knowledge about the inner workings of your specific college and the needs of college students in general. Academic advisors can speak with you about registering for classes, which courses to take that will best benefit you, which career path you want to take, extracurricular activities, study abroad, internships, the resources of your college, much-needed skills such as time-management and study skills, and the overall transition to college. Academic advisors are there to help you to decide what you want your goals to be and developing a plan to reach your goals. They can direct you to different activities, events, and resources that will help you realize your goals and meet them. Academic advisors can even help you to meet personal goals and/or solve personal problems.

Peer Advisors

Peer advisors are advisors that also happen to be your peers. Peer advisors are usually upper-level undergraduates or graduate students. You can ask your peer advisors the same type of questions you may ask your academic advisor. You can expect answers from the perspective of a fellow student. Peer advisors have the advantage of having the inside scoop of college life. You may feel more comfortable asking certain questions like which professors do you prefer, where can I find cheap textbooks, or where is the best place to eat on campus?

Pre-Professional Advisors

Pre-professional advisors are advisors that can help students going down certain professional career tracks such as medicine, law, business, etc. Pre-professional advisors can help you decide where in your profession you belong based on your interests and/or strengths, point you to the best academic and extracurricular choices that will most benefit you in your profession, the pre-professional requirements, how to gain real-world experience in your profession, and how to develop the skills you will need in your profession.

Major Advisors

Major advisors can help you choose a major based on what career you want to have and tell you the benefits of majoring in a specific major. Major advisors can explain in-depth to you the specifications of your major and what it will allow you to do in the future according to graduate/medical school or your future career. Also, major advisors will tell you the requirements you must meet for your major. Major advisors are there to help you declare a major/majors, declare a minor/minors, and/or change your major/minor. In addition to helping you choose a major or minor, major advisors can assist you in picking the right courses for your major or minor, inform you on opportunities that are unique to your major, answer any questions related to majors and/or minors, and even in some cases modify major requirements.

It is important to make and keep frequent appointments with your advisors to get the personalized help you need. College is a difficult time where you have to make a lot of important choices about your future. Use the people around you to point you in the best direction. Any question you have, ask someone that can help.

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