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The Inside Scoop on How College Students Feel About Their Future College Experience Amidst Covid-19

In my previous post, I mentioned my personal worries about attending college this fall. Now, a survey conducted by Degree Analytics allows us to see how college students across the country feel about this upcoming college semester. The top three returning to campus concerns for college students include the quality of zoom classes, the large concentration of students, and trusting others to follow safety guidelines. 82% of students surveyed feel safety has a big importance on their return to campus.

Safety Ranks High for Reopening

Even amid this pandemic, students are most looking forward to returning to friends, a better learning environment, living away from home, and access to campus resources. In order to return to campus, the most important policies college students want to be considered are safety enforcement and optional online classes. A few specific concerns are as follows: “Allow performing arts groups to freely rehearse,” “Allowing roommates,” and “Back-up

plans for when students get Covid.”

Even with all the potential changes due to Covid-19, most students think the impact on learning will be different in comparison to last year, not better or worse. The biggest thing students hope to remain the same are extracurriculars with 43.96% of respondents saying so.

Uncertainty, Yet Eager to Return

Most students feel anxious, excited, or optimistic about returning to campus due to various reasons including campus reopening and safety concerns. One student said, “I want to be able to stay on campus, be with friends, have the same level of academic rigor as before but still feel safe.” Another student said, “25,000 students on campus almost guarantees an outbreak. [I]’m


A common theme among students is uncertainty. One respondent said they have “A lot of uncertainty around the reopening plan and what campus life will be like.” Another student said they feel, “A lot of uncertainty in the world in regards to jobs, healthcare, [and] education. Not sure how I’m going to pay for things like tuition or rent or if I’ll have a job next month.”

When thinking about the future it is important to remember: “There is nothing more

certain and unchanging than uncertainty and change.”

— John F. Kennedy

When dealing with uncertainty:

Stay Positive. Stay Focused. Be flexible. Adapt. Embrace what you cannot change.


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